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Fiber laser marking machine marking accuracy requirements

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Fiber laser marking machines can meet the needs of printing large amounts of data on very small plastic parts. For example, two-dimensional bar codes that require more accurate and sharpness can be printed and have greater market competitiveness than embossing or jetting marking. The laser can act on the surface of the material with extremely fine beam, the thinnest line width can reach 0.05mm. For the precision machining and increase security features opened up a wide range of applications.
Through the laser light can burn some of the material, which shows the desired pattern of etching, text. Therefore, the use of laser marking machine in the product to make marking effect of high precision, the effect is delicate and flawless, in addition it has a major feature is the effect was permanent, will not wear away. Laser marking machine marking speed up to 8000MM / S, to meet the high-volume industrial production. As the use of laser marking machines are to meet the production line, and now laser marking machine can be equipped with a pipeline bench to ensure assembly line production.
ABS material in the application of life everywhere, the most common is the electrical shell. Due to the hard ABS material, the traditional marking method to make the finished product has a great flaw, laser marking machine can now use to mark, the general choice of semiconductor laser marking machine can be. Fiber laser marking machine configuration is selected on the import module and high-speed galvanometer marking head, to ensure the accuracy of marking equipment. And the laser peak power, low pulse, can be very good in a variety of metal and non-metallic materials on the marking. The effect on ABS harder material is very high precision
Fiber laser marking machine marking accuracy requirements