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Laser marking machine in the packaging and printing industry in the increase

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Laser marking machine in the packaging and printing industry increased year by year. Smoke, wine, medicine, cosmetics and other products are inseparable from the laser marking machine packaging security. The following is the production of the problems and solutions.
Marking in the process of laser marking machine. Common quality problems and solutions are as follows.
(1) laser marking machine logo pattern is not clear
Cause: Molded version of the uneven thickness. Molding pressure is too small. Heating temperature is too low or the machine accuracy is not high.
Solution: Check the molded version of the thickness is uniform. Molding pressure is too small. Is the temperature too low? Whether the accuracy of the machine drops.
Process control points: Molded thickness error should be controlled at 0. O01mm or less. Hardness should be maintained at 230-280N / mm. Because holograms squeeze out interference fringes by applying a certain pressure to the die. If the molded version of the hardness is not enough, in the process of imprinting. Internal stress can distort or damage the press.
(2) laser marking machine logo dark
Causes: General and heating temperature and molding pressure.
Solution: Check the heating temperature is too low. Molded pressure is down.
Process control points: Molding pressure should be set considering the temperature of the molding temperature holographic material or coating layer softening point molded version of the situation. Over pressure Molded version easily damaged. Or crush the holographic material; the pressure is too low. Molded image is not clear, incomplete For round pressure round way. The initial pressure on both sides of the pressure roller is generally about 0.08MPa. After molding started. Gradually increase the pressure of the pressure roller evenly to 0 30 ~ 0.50MPa. Molding speed can be adjusted according to imprint quality machine performance and so on.
(3) laser marking machine logo white pattern
Solution: Check molding speed is too slow. Molding temperature is too high.
(4) marking laser marking machine sticky film
Causes: hot pressing temperature is higher than the degradation temperature, paint viscosity increases. It will cause a sticky film to wrap the film around the hologram embossing roll.
Solution: Reduce hot pressing temperature.
(5) Marking of the laser marking machine A clear piece of fuzzy reason: uneven temperature distribution of the pressing device or uneven molding.
Solution: Check the hot pressing device temperature distribution is uniform. Molded version is deformed or worn.
(6) marking laser marking machine horizontal (vertical) to a wrinkle causes: unwinding or winding tension control properly.
Laser marking machine in the packaging and printing industry in the increase