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Laser online marking machine so that fake batteries nowhere to hide

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OFweek Laser Network News: In the modern family, the increasing use of batteries, a large number of fake and shoddy batteries have also poured into the market, so that some do not distinguish authentic customers frequently cheated. In this way, on the one hand due to short battery life, low voltage and unstable, affecting the normal use; the other hand, often due to leakage of fake batteries chemical electrolyte damage to the electrical circuits and movement; What is more, such as fake rechargeable battery will In the process of charging generated "gas heat pressure", and the battery explosion, the consequences could be disastrous. Seen in this light, the quality of a small battery can be directly related to the "home appliances" the use of effects and safety. Therefore, when you buy the battery, be sure to identify the true and false bad battery ability.
So how do you know fake batteries? Fake and shoddy battery packaging and regular battery is almost exactly the same, the production date, batch number and manufacturers are readily available. In fact, most battery manufacturers now use laser line marking machines to mark the battery, locally irradiate the package with high-energy-density lasers, and "engrave" the information such as the production date and SN on the package, leaving a permanent Sexual markers, counterfeit batteries are not free to imitate and change the laser tag information, as long as consumers pay attention to compare the battery tag information, you can easily identify the true and false of the battery.
Laser online marking machine so that fake batteries nowhere to hide