Increase in the application of laser marking machines in the packaging and printing industry


The application of laser marking machines in the packaging and printing industry is increasing year by year. The packaging and anti-counterfeiting of products such as cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics cannot be separated from laser marking machines. The following are the problems and solutions in production.
The common quality problems and their solutions during the marking process of laser marking machines are as follows. 
(1) The marking pattern of the laser marking machine is partially unclear
Cause: The thickness of the molded plate is uneven, the molding pressure is too low, the heating temperature is too low, or the machine accuracy is not high. 
Solution: Check whether the thickness of the molded plate is uniform, whether the molding pressure is too low, whether the temperature is too low, and whether the machine accuracy has decreased. 
Key points of process control: The thickness error of the molded plate should be controlled within 0.001mm. The hardness should be maintained between 230-280N/mm. Because holograms are molded to produce interference fringes by applying a certain amount of pressure to the molding roller. If the hardness of the molded plate is not enough, internal stress during the stamping process can cause deformation or damage to the molded plate. 
(2) The logo pattern of the laser marking machine is dim and dull
Cause: Generally related to heating temperature and molding pressure. 
Solution: Check if the heating temperature is too low. Does the molding pressure decrease.

Key points of process control: The setting of molding pressure should comprehensively consider the type of holographic material for molding temperature or the softening point of the coating layer for molding the plate. Excessive pressure, easy damage to the molded plate, or damage to the holographic material; The pressure is too low. The molding image is unclear and incomplete. For the circular pressing method, the initial pressure of the pressure rollers on both sides is generally around 0.08MPa. After the molding starts, slowly increase the pressure of the pressure rollers evenly to 0 30~0.50MPa. The molding speed can be comprehensively adjusted based on the stamping quality, machine performance, and other factors. 
(3) The identification pattern of the laser marking machine turns white
Solution: Check if the molding speed is too slow and if the molding temperature is too high.
(4) Identification film adhesive plate of laser marking machine
Reason for occurrence: The hot pressing temperature is higher than the degradation temperature, which increases the viscosity of the coating. This can cause plate adhesion and cause the film to wrap around the holographic imprinting roller. 
Solution: Reduce the hot pressing temperature. 
(5) The logo pattern of the laser marking machine is clear and fuzzy one by one. The reason is that the temperature distribution of the hot pressing device is uneven or the molding plate is uneven. 
Solution: Check whether the temperature distribution of the hot pressing device is uniform and whether the mold plate is deformed or worn. 
(6) The identification film of the laser marking machine has wrinkles in the horizontal (vertical) direction. The reason for this is that the tension control during unwinding or rewinding is improper.


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