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A certain manufacturer specializing in medical equipment in Mordo uses laser to create clear codes



Industry: Medical industry Marking content: clear code
Marking technology: laser marking Selected model: DBL1-T3UV
Workpiece type: Medical device Marking material: plastic

customer demand
1. Carve Arabic numerals, English alphabet, two-dimensional codes and other clear codes on medical devices and appliances.
2. The marking content needs to be clear and have high contrast.
3. The code identification generated by marking needs to be resistant to sterilization and cleaning processes.
4. The equipment operates safely and reliably, requiring functions such as early warning, alarm, and emergency stop.

Marking solution
1. The customer has chosen our DBL1-T3UV laser marking workstation based on their own needs.
2. Due to the high purity of raw materials for plastic parts of medical devices and the lack of additives, it is difficult to achieve high contrast. Therefore, ultraviolet laser has been specifically selected for marking.
3. The height of the workbench is adjustable, and the processing surface can be adjusted to a suitable height below the laser focus according to actual usage needs.
4. Huapu's advanced and mature laser marking technology ensures that the marking effect has uniform lines, clear fonts, orderliness, aesthetics, and durability.
5. Using Huapu's independently developed marking software, the relevant parameters of laser marking can be adjusted, and the software interface is simple, easy to operate, and has complete functions.
Introduction to DBL1-T3UV Laser Marking Workstation

Performance characteristics:
1. Using original imported ultraviolet lasers.
2. The specially selected ultraviolet laser for the medical industry can ensure the generation of long-lasting and high-precision contour characters.
3. The generated character code has the characteristics of persistence and high contrast, and ensures its complete readability after multiple cleaning and throughout the entire product lifecycle.
4. We have laser types of different wavelengths (fiber optic, ultraviolet) suitable for various materials, and the laser types can be changed according to demand, with a wide range of applications and strong adaptability.
5. The marking software has powerful functions: it supports Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop software, PLT, DXF, BMP, PCX, JPG and other commonly used Vector graphics and bitmap graphics, and supports printing date, serial number, barcode, two-dimensional code, automatic coding, automatic skip number, etc.

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