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A Chongqing manufacturer specializing in automotive air conditioning uses laser coding


Industry: Automotive Industry Marking content: clear code
Marking technology: laser Selected model: DBL1-J30
Workpiece type: Air conditioning compressor Marking material: aluminum alloy

customer demand
1. Print a clear code on the car air conditioning compressor.
2. Equipment beat, engraving time: ≤ 17 seconds per piece.
3. Renovation of assembly line equipment and data communication with MES system.
4. Concentrate treatment of smoke and dust generated during the laser marking process.
5. MSE communication obtains the marking content, accurately detects the distance between the marking planes, and automatically reads the code after completion.
6. Laser protective devices must be installed to serve as a warning during the marking process and avoid injury to personnel.

Marking solution
1. The customer has chosen our DBL1-J30 30W desktop laser marking workstation based on their own needs.
2. Mechanically designed laser push mechanism, in place stop mechanism, and tray lifting mechanism to achieve marking of workpieces on the assembly line.
3. Install a workpiece detection sensor to ensure high consistency in the marking positions of the same batch of workpieces on the assembly line.
4. Control the speed of the laser lateral movement mechanism, adjust specialized software parameters, and control the entire process to meet the requirements of the workpiece.
5. Using a smoke processor to absorb gases and dust generated during the marking process, while protecting the smoothness of the laser lens.

Introduction to DBL1-J30 Integrated Laser Marking Machine
Performance characteristics:

1. Original imported fiber laser with wind cooling method; Imported optical isolator to enhance laser lifespan and stability.
2. The laser output has high stability, excellent beam quality and high Solar-cell efficiency.
3. The entire machine has very low energy consumption, no need for maintenance, long service life, and low operating costs.
4. Integrated overall structure, small size, suitable for working in harsh environments.
5. The marking software has powerful functions: it supports Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop software, PLT, DXF, BMP, PCX, JPG and other commonly used Vector graphics and bitmap graphics, and supports printing date, serial number, barcode, two-dimensional code, automatic coding, automatic skip number, etc.
6. Adapt to marking in various positions and meet the requirements of long-term continuous work on site.

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