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A factory of a large domestic automobile manufacturer uses engraving technology to print VIN codes


Industry: Automotive Industry Marking content: VIN code
Marking technology: engraving Selected model: DBS-J1540
Workpiece type: Front support plate Marking material: steel

Customer needs
1. Mark the VIN code on the front support plate of the car. 
2. The working noise is less than 80 decibels, and the operation is simple. There is a protective device placed during marking, and personnel are injured due to operational errors. 
3. The marking is located under the hood and the working space is limited. The marking machine needs to avoid interference and can quickly locate the workpiece. 
4. The rubbing effect after marking should be clear and visible, and the printing data should be recorded. 
5. In the environment of assembly line workstations, MES system data communication. 

Marking solution
1. The customer has chosen our DBS-J1540 integrated engraving and marking workstation based on their own needs. 
2. Adopting a specially designed printing needle and a stable transmission device, it ensures that the depth of the engraving is greater than 0.2mm and the working noise is less than 60 decibels. The marking software has a friendly interface and is easy to operate. 
3. Using a mechanical assist arm to assist in positioning and manual marking, improving efficiency and avoiding interference while ensuring a unified marking effect and production rhythm on the assembly line. 
4. The problem of positioning and clamping has been solved through non-standard customized fixtures, and important parts in contact with the workpiece are clamped with nylon material to prevent damage to the workpiece. The marking machine is equipped with a baffle to prevent operator contact during operation. 
5. Read data through RFID, transmit and save records through PLC to ensure accuracy of records.

 Equipment Introduction
Introduction to DBS-J1540 Integrated Pneumatic Scriber
Performance characteristics:
1. The printing needle is made of specially designed and manufactured diamond material, greatly improving the printing quality and making the needle durable. (Material performance)
2. The printed content has continuous strokes and beautiful effects. The marking depth is greater than 0.2mm. (Printing effect)
3. The use of double guide rails and ball screw transmission enhances the stability of printing and improves printing accuracy. (Structural performance)
4. Flexible data interface transmission, compatible with multiple graphic formats, and equipped with specialized software. (Communication transmission)
5. Using a pressure difference type marking head, the ideal marking content can still be engraved on uneven workpieces, while reducing the impact of air pressure fluctuations. (Engraving environment)
6. Silent design, working noise less than 60 decibels.


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