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A leading intelligent manufacturing enterprise in Zhejiang Province applies point-to-point printing with clear codes


Industry: Construction Machinery Marking Technology: Pneumatic Pointing Needle
Workpiece type: excavator shaft type workpiece Marking content: clear code
Selected model: DBG-J1180 Marking material: steel

Customer Demand

1. Print clear codes on the end face of the shaft.
2. The model, size, and size of the shaft are different, and the workpiece can be quickly switched.
3. The maintenance of the marking machine is convenient.
4. There is a high requirement for consistency in the marking effect of the same batch of workpieces.
5. Renovation of assembly line equipment and data communication with MES system.
6. Support printing content to be stored in local files and can be accessed at any time.

Marking solution

1. The customer has chosen our DBG-J1180 desktop needle marking workstation based on their own needs.
2. Install quick change pressure blocks and positioning fixtures on the marking base to meet the marking requirements of various specifications of products.
3. The pneumatic needle adopts a quick disassembly design for easy replacement, and the needle head is made of alloy material, which is wear-resistant, stable, and has good printing effect.
4. Install a workpiece detection sensor to improve safety and avoid lifespan degradation caused by empty needle strikes.
5. Design a pick-up fixture above the fixture, where the robot loads and unloads the fixture without interfering with each other, achieving marking of workpieces on the assembly line.
6. The robot accurately clamps onto the marking station, and cooperates with a highly reliable marking machine to ensure consistency in the marking position and effect of the workpiece.

Equipment Introduction
Introduction to DBG-J1180 Desktop Pneumatic Pointer Marking Machine

Performance characteristics:
1. The needle is made of cemented carbide, and the printing Hardness can reach HRC60. (Material performance)
2. Supports marking of all types of content with uniform and clear marking points, with a marking depth of up to 0.2mm. (Printing effect)
3. Adopting a linear guide rail transmission structure, the structure is reliable, with good impact resistance, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. (Structural performance).
4. Flexible data interface transmission, compatible with multiple graphic formats, and equipped with specialized software. (Communication transmission)
5. Industrial control system is adopted, with strong anti-interference ability and environmental adaptability. (Stability)
6. Has good human-machine dialogue function, can engrave Chinese and English characters, numbers, dates, special symbols, and graphics; It can be used for serial number, vehicle identification code VIN, time engraving, etc. (Friendly interface)





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