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The only Internal combustion locomotive newly built after the founding of the People's Republic of China under a certain company in Ziyang, Sichuan Province



Industry: Train Industry Marking content: clear code
Marking Technology: Pneumatic Pointing Needle Selected model: DBG-2
Workpiece type: Train hub Marking material: steel

customer demand
1. Print the serial number on the curved surface and flat surface of the wheel axle.
2. There are many types of wheel axle models, large outer diameter dimensions, and customized marking machines with a wide range of marking ranges that meet the working conditions.
3. Design to consider anti daze function.
4. The fixture design is simple and suitable for different types of workpieces.
5. The material of the wheel hub is relatively hard, and the engraving depth is not less than 0.1mm.
6. The system control screen is simple and easy for operators to operate.
7. Try to reduce noise as much as possible without affecting the convenience of operation.
Marking solution
1. The customer has chosen our DBG-2 integrated needle marking workstation based on their own needs.
2. Based on the size of the wheel hub, consider designing a marking machine with a printing range of 150 * 100 to meet the requirements of marking various specifications of products.
3. In order to ensure good engraving effect over a large range, the XY axis is designed with dual guide rails and grinding grade ball screws to ensure stable operation.
4. By adsorbing with an electromagnet and limiting the position of the guide pillar, it ensures consistency in the engraving content of the same model of workpiece.
5. Mechanically, the marking can only be started after electromagnetic adsorption to prevent misoperation.
6. The software has rich performance, user-friendly interface, low operating difficulty, and is easy to master.

Equipment Introduction
Introduction to DBG-2 Integrated Pneumatic Needle Marking Machine

Performance characteristics:
1. The needle is made of cemented carbide, and the printing Hardness can reach HRC60. (Material performance)
2. Supports marking of all types of content with uniform and clear marking points, with a marking depth of up to 0.15-0.2mm. (Printing effect)
3. Adopting a linear guide rail transmission structure, the structure is reliable, with good impact resistance, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. (Structural performance)
4. Flexible data interface transmission, compatible with multiple graphic formats, and equipped with specialized software. (Communication transmission)
5. Industrial control system is adopted, with strong anti-interference ability and environmental adaptability. (Stability)
6. Has good human-machine dialogue function, can engrave Chinese and English characters, numbers, dates, special symbols, and graphics; It can be used for serial number, vehicle identification code VIN, time engraving, etc. (Friendly interface)







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