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Application of engraved serial numbers and VIN codes in a motorcycle manufacturing industry in Changzhou, Jiangsu


Industry: Motorcycle Marking content: serial number, vehicle identification number (VIN)
Marking technology: engraving Selected model: DBS-6B
Workpiece type: motorcycle frame Marking material: steel

Customer needs
1. The customer needs to print the serial number and vehicle identification number (VIN) on the national standard vehicle and electric motorcycle.
2. The workbench can position different frames for fixing the coding position.
3. The tooling meets the printing requirements of various national standard vehicles and electric motorcycles.
4. The device supports scanning and coding, and can self identify the VIN code with error prevention function.
5. The device needs to have the ability to connect to MES.

Marking scheme
The customer has chosen our DBS-6B pneumatic marking machine based on their own needs. The equipment is placed on the workbench and multiple sets of switchable tooling are designed to meet the customer's national standard vehicles and electric motorcycles for marking needs. In addition, it is equipped with a handheld scanning gun for scanning input, and combined with Huapu customized software and PLC to control the automation of tooling and complete marking. In addition, considering the low stability of the workshop air pressure, a gas collection bag is equipped to stabilize the air pressure.
The difficulty of the marking scheme lies in the fact that a set of equipment can meet the marking requirements of various products (including circular tubes and flat surfaces). Not only should we ensure convenient and smooth tooling switching, but also ensure that the marking effect remains consistent across different products. From design to implementation, Huapu and the client worked together to achieve a satisfactory final result.
Introduction to DBS-6B Pneumatic Scriber:
Performance characteristics:

1. The printed content has continuous strokes and beautiful effects.
2. Silent design, working noise less than 70 decibels.
3. Adopting an imported servo system, the engraving force is large and the speed is fast, especially suitable for occasions with certain requirements for depth and speed.
4. Adopting a dual guide rail and ball screw transmission method enhances the stability of printing and improves printing accuracy; The engraving content is clear and the depth is uniform.
5. The printing needle adopts a special design, resulting in a smooth and delicate printing effect, greatly improving the printing quality.

Main functions:
1. Capable of engraving Chinese and English characters, numbers, dates, special symbols, and graphics; It can be used for serial number, vehicle identification code VIN, time engraving, etc.
2. Supports multiple graphics and font formats, compatible with graphics formats such as AutoCAD and CorelDRAW.
3. Flexible database interface mode, with functions such as same number comparison, data query, and report printing.
4. Dedicated fonts and graphic editors

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