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In a large number of marking machine business how to choose their own product marking machine

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A complete system of modern enterprises in the completion of high-quality products, but also to strengthen product tracking service, product traceability is particularly important; the establishment of product labeling system is also one of the important requirements of the quality system. Pneumatic marking machines are an important tool for implementing the "Product Identification and Traceability" requirements of the quality system because they are printed with a certain depth of marking directly on the surface of products or parts, with clear and beautiful writing and permanent identifiability one. On the other hand, pneumatic marking machine is also a substitute for the traditional marking means, simple operation, high degree of automation, high efficiency, with the role of enhancing product image. Therefore, the purchase of pneumatic marking machine to identify the product has been accepted by a large number of modern enterprises, and has become one of the necessary equipment for modern enterprises.
Pneumatic marking machine is a set of computers, machinery, electrical integration in the precision equipment. Strictly speaking, a complete set of pneumatic marking machine should be composed of computer, special control software, special control box, printing executive body four parts. Among them, the dedicated control software and dedicated control box is the core of the entire system, the aesthetic effect of printing and equipment stability depends largely on this. Therefore, the mature core control technology is the fundamental guarantee for the stable operation of marking machines.
At present, the market is full of a wide range of pneumatic marking machines, product quality is uneven, and some companies even composed of only two or three individuals, do not have their own core technology, there is no fixed production workshop, no detection of the necessary hand , Only after a simple assembly to the factory, resulting in continuous use of the fault. In fact, users only need to make adequate market research before buying, do not blindly value the price, more importantly, find out each other's company strength, in order to avoid suffering unnecessary economic losses.
Pneumatic marking machine consists of a hard alloy print needle in the workpiece surface high-frequency impact, the formation of dot-intensive and hollow characters or graphics, the depth can reach 0.2-0.6mm, especially suitable for printing on the metal surface.
1 Call the detailed configuration of marking machine and print parameters.
2 Samples can be sent to our company for proofing, and the effect can be purchased when you meet your needs.
3 may require marking machine company according to their own product design tooling.
In a large number of marking machine business how to choose their own product marking machine