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DBE1-B series portable needle marking machine

Easy to use, easy to move, and easy to carry


High performance
The needle is made of hard alloy material
Printing Hardness can reach HRC60
Strong anti-interference and radiation resistance
Adapt to harsh working environments



Easy to use, easy to move, and easy to carry
Ergonomic handle
Lightweight (from 3.2kg)
Dedicated portable packaging box
Marking range: multiple options available
Marking depth: up to 0.2~0.3mm (depending on different materials)


Interface operation

Friendly human-machine interface
Easy to learn, easy to learn
Easy to operate


Durable and sturdy

Adopting a linear guide rail head, the structure is reliable
Long service life and high cost-effectiveness
Low failure rate and easy maintenance


Pneumatic needle technology
I don't need a computer, I don't need an air source
Deep marking depth and good stability

Portable marking machine

Small marking machine





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