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Current Situation and Development Prospects of Flexible Packaging Machinery and Equipment

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With a population of one-fifth of the world's population, our country is the largest consumer market in the world. Flexible packaging equipment market has great potential, in addition to continuously improve the quality of a variety of stand-alone quality, should pay attention to the development of environmentally friendly coating machine without coating, laminated (satellite) flexo printing machine, multi-layer coextrusion and high barrier Material Coating Equipment (PVDC), etc., silicon dioxide vacuum coating equipment.
Flexible packaging equipment is set machine, electricity, light, gas and liquid as a whole. High mechanization, automation is an important symbol of the development of packaging equipment, domestic enterprises gradually have these capabilities. Therefore, flexible packaging equipment manufacturers should attach importance to the combination of electromechanical, combined with the main and auxiliary equipment and the direction of the development of integrated line, focusing on the application of energy-saving raw materials and heating applications (such as micro-electric components, heat pipe technology), strengthen the automatic and computerized system Development. It is believed that through the joint efforts of front-line counterparts in the production of flexible packaging equipment, in particular, the strong support and joint development and application of the backbone products factory will be required to make our flexible packaging equipment greatly improved in the next few years to meet the development needs of the domestic packaging industry. And catch up with the advanced level of foreign development.
Current Situation and Development Prospects of Flexible Packaging Machinery and Equipment