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1. Working Principle of Pneumatic Marking Machine:
Industrial pneumatic marking machine is a mechanotronics mechanical-electrical device used for marking metal products. While the computer controls the print needle to move along a certain track in an X-Y two-dimensional plane, the print needle makes high-frequency impact movement under the action of compressed air, and prints the corresponding marks on the workpiece accordingly. It incorporates computer technology, electronic technology, precision machinery technology and makes code, serial number or character and graphic marks, which shall facilitate the effective implementation of production operation management and product quality tracking. It is an effective tool for enterprises to establish a brand image.
2. Why to use pneumatic marking machines?
As more and more modern manufacturing enterprises begin to introduce the ISO quality management system, the traceability of products becomes more and more important. In the mean time, to establish a product labeling system is also one of the important requirements of the quality system. Because pneumatic marking machine can print logo with a certain depth on the surface of the product or parts directly, with the characteristics of clear and beautiful writing and eternal identifiability; therefore, pneumatic marking machines are an important tool to implement the requirement of the quality system about “product logo and traceability”. On the other hand, pneumatic marking machines are also the substitute of traditional identification measures, feature simple operation, a high degree of automation and high efficiency, and have the function of enhancing product image. Therefore, to select a pneumatic marking machine to identify products has been greatly accepted by modern enterprises and pneumatic marking machines have become one of the necessary facilities of modern enterprises.
3. Recognize pneumatic marking machines
Pneumatic marking machine is a precision device combining computer, machinery and electric into a whole. Strictly speaking, a complete pneumatic marking machine should be composed of computer, dedicated control software, dedicated control box and printing actuator four parts, of which the dedicated control software and dedicated control box is the core of the whole system, the aesthetic degree of the printing effect and the equipment stability mainly depend on this. Therefore, mature core control technology is the fundamental guarantee for the stable operation of the marking machine.
4. Selection and Purchase Tips
 At present, the market is full of a wide range of pneumatic marking machines with uneven quality. Some companies are even composed of only two or three people, have no their own core technologies, no fixed production workshops and no necessary detection measures, and they just assemble the product simple and deliver them, which leads to continuous faults during use. In fact, users only need to make adequate market research before buying, do not blindly focus on the price only, but more importantly, find out the seller’s company strength, so as to avoid suffering unnecessary economic losses.
5. How to select
 Pneumatic marking machine has a cemented carbide print needle form high-frequency impact on the surface of the workpiece, forming dense and sunk punctiform characters or graphics, with a depth up to 0.2-0.6mm, and is especially suitable for printing on metal surface. Before purchase on selection, you can consult our pre-sales engineer to get professional tips on purchase. In addition, if possible, you can also send the sample to us to make a proof and purchase when the effect is in line with your demands. In general, communicating with our engineers more, you can select the suitable marking machine more easily.
6.Development process of the marking machine
Pneumatic marking machine has appeared in China about ten years ago. We also have transformed from the first I/O output card control mode to parallel port control mode and then to the serial port control mode. The control software has transformed from the DOS version to the fully compatible version that can run in any versions of WINDOWS. It should say, developing to this current stage, pneumatic marking machine has become very mature. In addition, we are researching more advanced core control technology and strive to be bigger and stronger in this industry.
7.Technical Support
1.Can your pneumatic marking machine print trademarks or graphics?
Yes, it can! The pneumatic marking control software we develop has been in the industry-leading industry. It can not only print through the software’s own mapping function and can also covert the format of the graphics made by Coreldraw, Autocad and other professional mapping software and print.
2.The surface of my workpiece is not flat, can your marking machine print on it?
Because the impact extent of the print needle is 0.3-0.4mm generally, as long as the surface roughness of the workpiece does not exceed this value, it can be printed on.
3.The serial number of VIN code I want to print cannot have a repeated code, can your machine make it?
Yes, it can! The control software has the heavy code recognition function. As long as this function is turned on, when the previously printed serial number or VIN code appear, the software will remind the operator whether it needs to reprint, so it can guarantee the unique of the logo.
4.Is the use-cost of the pneumatic marking machine high?
No, the use-cost of a pneumatic marking machine is very low. In fact, the only consumables is the print needle. Our print needles are made of cemented carbide, so the service life is much longer than that produced through welding. Moreover, our print needles can be accurately grinded by your own and the cost of a print needle is only 150 yuan.
5. Can your marking machine ensure the mark printed on every workpiece is in the same position?
Yes, it can! Because our marking machine is highly precision, the print error range is less than 0.01mm. As long as the fixture is made properly, it can fully ensure the logo on very workpiece is in the same position.
6.Is the computer universal? Can I configure the computer by myself?
Yes, it is. Users can configure computers by themselves. But there are three points that need to be paid attention to: 1. The computer should have an RS232 (serial port) interface; 2. The operating system should be WINDOS 98/ME/XP; and 3. Be sure to ensure the system security (no virus). However, we still recommend using the original computer of our company, because the software and the control part all have passed the comprehensive compatibility test before leaving the factory and they can ensure the entire equipment’s best operating state.