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Tel. 86-023-68203368
Zip Code 400700
Add. No.48-11 Longxi Rd. Beibei District Chongqing Municipality CHINA
Our Culture
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Enterprise Tenet:
To provide individuals with development opportunities, increase benefit for the enterprise and create wealth for the society
Operation Idea:
User + Individual + Collective = Development
Quality Policy:
Create Excellent with Quality, Increase Efficiency through Management, Whole Staff Quality Awareness – More Reliable Quality Guarantee
We advocate:
Settle, Clean, Clear, Sweep, Attainment
Enterprise Style:
Honest, Diligent, Scientific, Orderly, Innovative, Document
Development Foundation:
Happy Cause, Reliable Guarantee, Good Mentality
Treatment Principle:
Crystal Clear, Plain and to the Point, Happy and Joyful, United, Grateful to Others, Self-disciplined, Hard-working, Cherish Materials